Sauber C14 1995 Monaco GP (diorama)

Item description

This kit is a built up model by professional handbuilt.

base kit : Sauber Ford C14 1995 by BBR
crew : DENIZEN
version : Diorama
body color : Blue
parts of option : some rivets by Adlers Nest
finisher : Takayuki Fukami
other : mint in a box and with acrylic case by TARGA models



The opportunity to built, there was a contest called “Monaco GP”. I challenged building diorama first experience for me, but I had the plan for a long time. To built a scale of 1/43 diorama, I can say “interseting!”, “difficult!”.
I cut with nippers to hard parts. It was very regrettable, because I had to pollute to the perfect Sauber C14. The flower bed is handmade. I painted to the dried flower. They were quite a hard time for me.
I picked up from the website on the material.
I was very happy when got e-mail from Monaco’s friend.
Someday I would like to go to this place.